Atlanta, Georgia

Conference: October 8-10

Exhibits: October 8-9

Jesús Aguirre

Meet one of the speakers for the 2023 NRPA Annual Conference.

Jesús Aguirre

CE0 Waterloo Greenway Conservancy | Austin, Texas

Chair-Elect | NRPA Board of Directors 

Aguirre has over 20 years of public service leadership experience in several major metropolitan
jurisdictions, including Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, Washington, D.C. and Seattle. He has
been successful in his efforts in programming, construction, and maintenance, focusing specifically
on social equity, removing barriers to access and targeting offerings to underserved populations and
geographic areas.

Jesús proudly serves as Chief Executive Officer of Waterloo Greenway Conservancy, overseeing the
advancement of a park system with the power to bring the entire Austin community together. The 35
acres of connected green space, with epic gardens and rolling pathways, is home to a wild array of
natural and cultural destinations. Here, the environment, arts, health and adventure converge to
nourish authentic and inspirational experiences reflecting the city of Austin’s diversity.

Prior to his work at Waterloo Greenway, Aguirre served as Superintendent of Seattle Parks and
Recreation. In his role at the helm of Seattle’s municipal parks and recreation agency, he stewarded
6,400 acres of parkland, 480 public parks and dozens of facilities, including pools, golf courses,
athletic fields, family play spaces and more. In addition, Aguirre has worked in the education sector,
beginning his career as a middle school science teacher in Los Angeles and ultimately serving as the
State Superintendent of Education for the District of Columbia. Aguirre. He and his wife co-founded
and operated a nonprofit K-8 dual-language charter school in Phoenix for 10 years.

Born in Mexico, Aguirre’s distinguished career has taken him across the nation. His role at Waterloo
Greenway brought him back to Texas, where he spent his childhood. Aguirre is a graduate of the
University of Texas at Austin with a master’s in business administration from Arizona State
University. In addition to his service with the National Recreation and Park Association, Aguirre is
currently chair of the board for the Children and Nature Network, and is a member of the American
Academy for Park and Recreation Administration.


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